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    ACRL RBMS (Rare Books and Manuscripts Section)

    Exercises leadership in the local, national, and international special collections communities in order to represent and promote the interests of librarians, curators, and other specialists concerned with the acquisitions, organization, security,

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    Created Dec 5, 2008
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    ACRL RBMS- SAA Task Force on the Development of Standardized Statistical Measures for the Public Services of Archival Repositories and Special Collections Libraries

    Responsible for development of a new standard defining appropriate statistical measures and performance metrics to govern the collection and analysis of statistical data for describing public services provided by archival repositories and special

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    Created Apr 14, 2014
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    ACRL WGSS (Women and Gender Studies Section)

    Represents librarians, scholars, students, publishers, and others who have an interest in Women and Gender Studies in cooperation with other professional groups regarding those aspects of library and information services that require special knowl

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    Created Dec 5, 2008
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