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Welcome/ Introduction/ Start thinking!

Good afternoon, colleagues!

I am going to post this in ALA Connect too so it's all official-like... so you may receive notification about it later!

My name is Rachel and this is my second go around as chair for the RUSA RSS Services for Job Seeking Patrons. Welcome to all of you... some returning folks, some new!

Even though it's only July, we do need to start thinking about goals for the 2017-18 year. Last year we had the goal of holding a discussion forum at MidWinter on providing alternative services to job seeking patrons. It was in a really weird location (about a 100 miles from nowhere) but well attended.

Some possible goals for this year could be:

  • Host a discussion forum again at MidWinter (I believe that's in Denver this year)
  • Put together a program for ALA Annual (New Orleans)

The first RUSA RSS board meeting for the year is on July 31st and after that date, I might have more information about deadlines for MidWinter, Annual, and anything else we may want to join. I look forward to hearing YOUR ideas though. What are you interested in working on?

Hope to talk with you all soon, at least via email.