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Online Board Meeting: November 20, 2017


Posted here are the ALSC Board documents for the upcoming online Board meeting that will be held Monday, November 20, 2017 at 12 Noon Central.

Board Documents include:

Draft Agenda rev. November 10

Virtual Alignment Motions from O&B

DOC II a.i    Virtual alignment for committees motion form                      
DOC II a.ii   Virtual alignment for committees spreadsheet   
DOC II a.iii  Distinguished Service Award motion       
DOC II a.iv  Program Planning motion               
DOC II a.v   Local Arrangements motion  
DOC II a.vi  Quicklists Consulting motion  

Discussion Group Dissolution Motions from O&B
DOC II b.i    Storytelling motion           
DOC II b.ii   Public Library/School Library Partnerships motion    

Expanded Charge Motion from O&B
DOC II c.i    School Age Programs and Services motion to expand charge

Digital Media Terms & Criteria for Review
DOC III a    Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media 
DOC III b    Media Mentorship Leadership